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  1. Hello, after doing some research, I have found that I am a relative of Adam McKee. My grandfather was Lafoy Hannah which is where I started looking and going back. Anymore interesting information on Adam McKee during that era would be great! Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi, that is all of the research I have on Adam at the moment. I am researching the time period and place he lived for a project. More will be coming forth on that over the next few years. Thank yo for stopping by!

  2. You have that John Knox Witherspoon was the 9th child. However, you list all the other siblings family except his. Am I missing something? Is John Knox Witherspoon descendants listed somewhere else? I am trying to tie back to a William Witherspoon that married Mary Auger. Thanks for your help in advance, Brenda

  3. Hi I am a McKee, living in Canada and the U.S. Let me know if you want any information regarding my family history to add to the collection. Lots of Alexander McKees in my ancestry.

  4. Great information! Thank you.

    I am doing research for my husband, who is related to Thomas Jefferson McKee (1814-1894). Born in SC and died in TX. Many people have listed this Thomas Jefferson as the son of John H McKee (1783-1864). But, I can’t find any record to confirm this. Do you know if this is his son?

  5. Nice job. I am sure you have put in a lot of time and effort. Thank you for putting this up! I do want to correct that Jefferson County is not in Illinois but in Missouri. I am from that area and have been researching the son’s of Adam McKee: William Seth Mckee and Michael Mckee who moved from Abbeville, SC to the Big River area in Jefferson County, Missouri. I believe Adam McKee’s daughter, Mary, may be my great grandmother Mary McKee who married John Hearst. She died during the influenza outbreak in 1846 along with her husband and young son, leaving all their other children orphaned. Still researching this to find proof. However, the birth date of 1797 and death in 1842 in Missouri that you have attached to Adam’s daughter Mary, actually match Mary McKee McKay, daughter of the above Michael Mckee and granddaughter to Adam McKee. Could those two Mary’s, one Adam’s daughter, one Adam’s granddaughter, be getting mixed up? Easy to do with all the same names being used over and over. Once again thank you for putting this up>

  6. My 2ND great grandfather Robert Presley Hannah. The info I have shows that his wife was Margaret Lela McKee the daughter of William D McKee and Nancy Ann Bowie. Can you confirm and possibly advise their burial place. Thanks.

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