Joseph McKee

Descendants of Joseph S. McKee

Generation No. 1

        1.  Joseph S.28 McKee  (Michael27, Adam26, Archibald25, Archibald24, Thomas23, James22, Robert21 McKie, Thomas20, Andrew19, John18 McGhie, Alexander17, Alexander16 MacKay, Gilbert15 MacKie, Malcom14 MacKay, Gilbert13 M’Kie, Neill12, John11, Iye10, Martin9 MacKay, Iye Hugh8 MacEthj, Hugh7, Malcolm6 MacEth, Hugh or Angus5, Aoidh4 Heth, Malcolm3 III, Duncan2 I, Crinan of1 Dunkeld) was born Abt. 1805 in Abbeville County, South Carolina, and died October 26, 1856 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.  He married Relief “Leathy” Turner Wideman October 09, 1836 in Jefferson County, Missouri.  She was born Abt. 1811 in Missouri.


Notes for Joseph S. McKee:

From Wayne Adams


Joseph appointed gdn of John & Elias WIDEMAN, heirs of Leonard, deceased in 1839.  Leonard probably  his brother-in-law?–See Jeff.Co.Ct.Records & 1850C.

entries copied from Harvey McKee bible(?) show Joseph’s death.   No estate on him in Jefferson Co, MO but Wideman book indicates he went to KS



1850 Census         District 62              Jefferson County, Missouri

Joseph L. McKee 50                           Farmer    $300                      SC

Relief                     38                                                                           MO

Margaret                               12

Joseph                    7

Amanda                                4

John Widerman   20                           Farmer   $600

Elias Widerman   15                           Farmer


1860    County McGhee     Kansas                   Post Office: Brushville

John Widenham  26           Farmer   $700

Relief McKee       46

Amanda R.           13

Lucy N.                  11

Mary D.                 5



1840 Jefferson County, Missouri, Census, Big River Twp.

McKee, Joseph  1-0-1-1-0-0-1    1-0-1-0-1

1 male under 5, 1 male between 10 and 15, 1 male between 15 and 20, 1 male between 40 and 50, 1 female under 5, 1 female between 10 and 15, 1 female between 20 and 30



At the July term of 1839 Joseph was appointed gdn of John (age 11) & Elias Wideman (age 7),

heirs of Leonard Wideman, decd  Then at the July term of 1840 he was named guardian of

Rachel (age 7) & Jane Turner (age 13).  undocumented information shows Leathy’s maiden

name as Turner.  Presumably these were nephews/nieces of Leathy and/or her first husband.

For the Wideman guardianships Berry T. Hansell & A. Knighton were securities ($100 each child)

; for the Turner guardianships Eli Wiley was security ($50 each child).  All four were entered in

Jefferson Co court records on 10/26/1840.

..Joseph S. McKee married Leathy Wideman both “of proper age”; They were married on 9

October 1836 by B.F. Howell JP, Jefferson Co, MO

..Joseph headed HH#107 on the 1850C

Joseph S. McKee  50 SC

Relief                       38  MO

Margaret                 12  MO

Joseph                       7  MO

Amanda                     4  MO

John Wideman        20  MO

Elish Wideman        15  MO

..entries copied fm Harvey McKee bible(?) show Joseph’s death.  No

estate on him in Jefferson Co, MO but Wideman book indicates he went to KS. LDS FamSearch

input (CD#42) by Emory Thomas Hildebrand (2800 Regents Park Lane, Marietty, GA 30062)

shows he died in 1837 in Jefferson Co, MO but this is clearly wrong.  It also has a bad birth yr. ”

1800 in Abbeville, SC to Michael & unknown”.  Correctly shows marriage.



More About Joseph S. McKee:

Burial: October 1856, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

Children of Joseph McKee and Relief Wideman are:

2                 i.    Margaret B.29 McKee, born 1838 in Jefferson County, Missouri.


Notes for Margaret B. McKee:

Jerry Howe has this child listed as a step-child.


3                ii.    Joseph McKee, born Abt. 1842 in Jefferson County, Missouri.


Notes for Joseph McKee:

Jerry Howe has this child listed as a step-child.


4               iii.    Lucy Amanda McKee, born Abt. 1845 in Jefferson County, Missouri.


Notes for Lucy Amanda McKee:

Jerry Howe has this child listed as a step-child.


5               iv.    Mary D. McKee, born Abt. 1854.

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