Jodie McKee

Jodie A Martin McKee was born on December 9, 1894. There was a minister named Jodie A. Martin living in the area at the time, that he was most likely named after.  He married Blythe McQuowin on June 25, 1916. Her niece remembers that she had blonde curls.  They lived in Laurens in the house next to his sister, Lillie Mae.  The couple had six children: Mozell, David, Edwin, Fred, Lillie Mae and Blythe.  Mozell only lived nineteen months and David lived five years.  Blythe died after giving birth to her daughter Blythe on April 26, 1932.  Jodie’s sister, Lillie Mae, cared for baby Blythe.  The infant only lived for two months.  Jodie worked in the cotton mill and owned his own general merchandise store.  The McKee reunions were often held at his store.  His grandson said that he also owned a lot of farm land.  On November 20, 1932, Jodie married Nonie Stevens Marler.  She was a widow with a four year old daughter, Trubee.  His son, Fred, died during World War II while serving in Germany.  Jodie died on May 10, 1983 and Nonie died on November 28, 1989.


Jodie McKee with grandson, David Workman

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