The last surviving direct line grandson of Andrew Logan McKee has submitted a DNA test in hopes of discovering more information on Andrew Logan McKee’s father.

Andrew Logan McKee was raised by his grandparents, William and Nancy Bowie McKee.  The belief is that his mother was William’s daughter, Isabella.  The only lead we have is the 1860 census, which gives Andrew’s surname as Mims.  By the 1880 census, Andrew had changed his surname to McKee.  This is the surname he passed on to all of his children and descendants.

DNA testing proved there is a relationship with the McKee’s of Edgefield, SC.  The DNA shows a connection linking Britton Jones Mims as a probable great-grandfather and a definite family connection to his father, Drury Mims.

However, DNA results and census records do not clearly reveal who Andrew Logan McKee’s father or grandfather are.  However, there are some links and leads I am following up on and will share more information once I have more definitive information.


On other DNA news— This comes courtesy of Linda Goodell:

A test of male Ydna {January 2016}

“our McKee descend from the High King of Ireland called Niall of the Nine Hostages.”

Linda and her cousins descent from Adam McKee starts through his son Michael, Sr., Michael Jr., William “Mack”,  and William Alva McKee.

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