Benjamin McKee

Descendants of Benjamin McKee

Generation No. 1

        1.  Benjamin28 McKee  (Michael27, Adam26, Archibald25, Archibald24, Thomas23, James22, Robert21 McKie, Thomas20, Andrew19, John18 McGhie, Alexander17, Alexander16 MacKay, Gilbert15 MacKie, Malcom14 MacKay, Gilbert13 M’Kie, Neill12, John11, Iye10, Martin9 MacKay, Iye Hugh8 MacEthj, Hugh7, Malcolm6 MacEth, Hugh or Angus5, Aoidh4 Heth, Malcolm3 III, Duncan2 I, Crinan of1 Dunkeld) was born Abt. 1810 in Abbeville County, South Carolina, and died in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.  He married (1) Lucinda “Cinderilla” Pilant, daughter of John Pilant and Mary ?.    He married (2) Sarah ? Bef. 1832 in Missouri.  She was born Abt. 1815 in Missouri.


Notes for Benjamin McKee:

From Wayne Adams


Placement of Benjamin in this family is circumstantual.  Not included with info appar copied fm. Harvey McKee bible of deaths in Michael/Harvey families through 1872.  In 1881 letter feom Michael Jr to half brother, he asked whether Benjamin was still alive.  Benjamin, Sarah & 6 children in HouseHold #40, next to Michael Jr, on 1850C for Jefferson County, MO


1850 Census         District 42              Jefferson County, Missouri               Living next door to Michael McKee, Jr

Benjamin McKee                40           Farmer   born SC

Sarah                     25                           born MO

Joseph L.                               18           Farmer

James L.                                16

Wimncey                               14

Susan G                 12

Sarah A                 5

Benjamin F.          2



1840 Jefferson County, Missouri Census, Big River Twp.

McKee, Benjamin  0-2-0-0-1    2-0-0-1-1

2 males between 5 and 10, 1 male between 20 and 30, 2 females under 5, 1 female between 15 and 20, and 1 female between 20 and 30



..Their youngest son was married 1867 in Jefferson Co so apparantly still there at that time.  I did

not examine 1860C for possibility of other children, changes, etc. but family not found among

Jefferson Co 1870C microfilm I examined (search not exhaustive).  Unable to locate him, a

widow or any other family members anywhere on LDS 1880 census index/extracts searching by

names/ pob/ approx age.

..Sandra McKee noted that Benjamin apparantly went to Cook County, TX “at one point” based

upon deed records but efforts to find descendents  so far not successful.  Sandra noted other

McKee/McKay families found in Denton County, TX





More About Benjamin McKee:

Census: 1850:Jefferson County, Missouri

Land Records: on file


Notes for Lucinda “Cinderilla” Pilant:

..The marriage record shows her as Lucinda Pilont

.. in HH#72 headed by John Pilant on 1850C fairly near Michael & Benjamin

McKee households

John Pilant     39 TN

Mary                44 TN

Louise A         19 TN

Elizabeth J      17 TN

Sinderilla         15 TN

John                 12 TN

Phebe C            9 TN

William               7 TN

Alexander          4 TN

America A         2 TN

From birthplaces of children we can derive their arrival in MO as some time

between 1848 and 1850



Notes for Sarah ?:

Given her age on the 1850 census it is impossible for her to be the mother of the older children.  Either her age is wrong or Benjamin was married before he married Sarah.

Children of Benjamin McKee and Sarah ? are:

2                 i.    Joseph S.29 McKee, born Abt. 1832 in Jefferson County, Missouri.

3                ii.    James L. McKee, born Abt. 1834 in Jefferson County, Missouri.  He married Lucinda Pilant December 05, 1852 in Jefferson County, Missouri; born Bef. 1837.


Notes for James L. McKee:

..Age 16 in parents household on 1850C (HH#40)

..James McKee and Lucinda Pilant married on 5 Dec 1852 by Luther Johnson,

JP at Jefferson Co, MO.  Lucinda was listed as “Sinderilla (15 TN) in HH#72

headed by John Pilant (39 TN) whose wife was Mary (44 TN).  The Pilant’s had

several younger children and seem to be the only family with that surname in

the county. Other families who interacted with the McKee’s listed in same




4               iii.    Winnie McKee, born Abt. 1836 in Jefferson County, Missouri.  She married Charles Wall November 29, 1850 in Jefferson County, Missouri; born Abt. 1820 in North Carolina.


Notes for Winnie McKee:

..Age 14 in parents household (#40) on 1850C

..Charles Wall and Winny McKee married on 29 November 1850 by Z. Pritchett,

JP at Jefferson Co, MO



Notes for Charles Wall:

..This was possibly a brother of Thomas Wall who lived near Adam McKee; only

1850C match is in HH#805 headed by Charles (only other member appears to

have been his mother??)  I am assuming a “match” insofar as his age & pob.

The marriage match appears firm.



5               iv.    Susan C. McKee, born Abt. 1838 in Jefferson County, Missouri.

6                v.    Sarah A. McKee, born Abt. 1845 in Jefferson County, Missouri.

7               vi.    Benjamin F. McKee, born Abt. 1848 in Jefferson County, Missouri.  He married Sophronia C. Ingall January 24, 1867 in Jefferson County, Missouri; born Bef. 1850.


Notes for Benjamin F. McKee:

..Benja. F. McKee and Miss Sophronia C. Ingall all of Jefferson Co, MO married

on 24 January 1867 by Wm. McKay, MG at Jefferson Co, MO.


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