John McKee

Descendants of John McKee

Generation No. 1

        1.  John28 McKee  (Michael27, Adam26, Archibald25, Archibald24, Thomas23, James22, Robert21 McKie, Thomas20, Andrew19, John18 McGhie, Alexander17, Alexander16 MacKay, Gilbert15 MacKie, Malcom14 MacKay, Gilbert13 M’Kie, Neill12, John11, Iye10, Martin9 MacKay, Iye Hugh8 MacEthj, Hugh7, Malcolm6 MacEth, Hugh or Angus5, Aoidh4 Heth, Malcolm3 III, Duncan2 I, Crinan of1 Dunkeld) was born Abt. 1800 in Abbeville County, South Carolina.


Notes for John McKee:

From Wayne Adams


There were 5 boys under 10 on 1810C; could identify only 4 until the Andrew Logan McKee family bible turned up. Death entry between those for Joseph and “Oliver” leads to strong presumption that John was the “missing son”.  On the 1800C Michael Sr shown with 2 sons & 2 daughters so assume John born IN 1800.


Michael’s son John was identified as having moved with the family from Missouri to JoDavies County, IL.



Until the Andrew Logan McKee family bible turned up, there was no documentary evidence “proving” that JOSEPH McKEE was a son of MICHAEL Sr (or for that matter, “proving” relationship of others considered siblings), MICHAEL Sr. was the only known McKEE residing in the area who was old enough to have a child of this age.  We can be reasonably certain that JOSEPH was one of the three males aged 20-30 enumerated in MICHAEL Sr’s household.   on the 1830 census. Among the entries just below those for Margaret & Michael McKee (Sr), an entry just below that for Michael’s son Archibald was the entry:

Joseph (what may have been a middle name overlaps the ending of Joseph – looks like [?]el) McKee

Died Oct the 26 1856.

Jefferson County marriage records establish that JOSEPH S. McKEE married “LEATHY WILLEMAN” (RELIEF WIDEMAN) on 9 Oct 1836.  The WIDEMAN Family in America 1738-1985 (available at the DeSoto Library) has a lot more about “LEATHY’s” line than I have seen/extracted., but a group sheet by Fern Childers HUNT (who, I understand, was a contributor to that work).  Joseph and his family reportedly went from Missouri to Kansas.  Most likely the move was prior to 1850 as we do not find him enumerated in Jefferson County on the 1850 census.

Michael Jr also named a son Joseph, presumably after his brother.


Child of John McKee is:

2                 i.    William29 McKee, born Abt. 1845 in Illinois; died Aft. 1880 in Iowa.


Notes for William McKee:

From Wayne ADams


The nephew listed in Michael Jr’s household on 1880C does not fit with known migration paths UNLESS he was s/o this John.  That would imply that John “left the nest” and migrated to IL with the Gamble’s.  I am tentatively identifying this prior “mystery-man”  William McKee born 1844/5 in IL with father born SC & mother born MO as a son of John.


I think Michael’s grandson via his son John that migrated to Jo Davies Co, IL (Brick Wall screen) may be the handicapped nephew found in the next household to and then within the census households of Mike Jr on subsequent census years but we can go into that later.


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