Archibald McKee married a Witherspoon, after his unknown wife {mother of Adam} died.  There is a lot of confusion in this matter that is too confusing to cover here.

We do know that this Witherspoon, is NOT the Ann Witherspoon that married Archibald’s son, Joseph.   There is a possibility that Archibald’s wife was named Mary Ann Witherspoon, but we’re not positive about that.  We do know that she was the  widow of David Wilson.  She and Archibald had no children together.

The Good Intent: The Story and Heritage of a Fresno Family by John Renning Phillips tells us “Mary Witherspoon was the first cousin of Rev. John Witherspoon who signed The Declaration of Independence.”

General belief is that this wife of Archibald McKee, was the daughter of John and Jeanette Witherspoon.  John and Jeanette were first cousins and both were descendants of the reformer, John Knox, through his daughter Elizabeth.  They were both born and married in Scotland.  John and Jeanette had eleven known children.

In September 1734, John, Jeanette and their large family immigrated to the coast of South Carolina.  Janette died on the voyage over and was buried at sea.

James Witherspoon built his plantation in 1749 and called it Thorntree.  After his death it became the home of Gavin      Witherspoon.  [James is the son of John and Janette Witherspoon.  Gavin was the youngest son of James.]


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